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  • Child Therapy

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    It’s hard enough for us adults to understand, sort through, and communicate our feelings. Now, imagine what it must be like for a child. Therapy can help kids in many different ways, just like adults. Child therapy can help children understand and manage challenges that affect their mental health.

    Many children can benefit from talking to a therapist. The following are common issues addressed in child therapy:

    • Mental illness, such as depression or anxiety
    • The death of a loved one and other difficult losses
    • Abuse (sexual, emotional, physical, mental)
    • Addiction in the family
    • Parents’ divorce
    • Behavioral issues
    • Developmental delays
    • Learning disorders
    • Stress
    • Traumatic events
    • Moving to a new town

    If your child is suffering or you think they should talk to a mental health professional, it’s likely that they will benefit from therapy.

    Children have unique needs. Emily will use her extensive background in education to tailor therapy to those unique needs. She will work with the entire system that surrounds the family to help them grow and achieve goals in a positive, caring manner.